SOLD – Randall Model # 25 – 5″ Tom Leschorn embellished

SOLD –   I have available a very collectible Randall Model # 25 that was embellished by the late Tom Leschorn. The knife has a 5″ carbon steel blade that retains the original Randall grind and finish. The handle is fitted with a nickel silver hilt which has black and white fiber spacers along with leather spacers separating the hilt from the stag center. The butt cap is made from duralumin and is signed ENGR. BY T.W. Leschorn 12/89. The end of the butt cap was also engraved with a deep relief profile of a white tail buck. The knife comes with a Johnson loose stitch sheath which is correct for this period. The sheath houses a plain salmon colored stone. 

Also included with the knife is a very rare tie tack that was made by Tom Leschorn. The address inside the box – Tom Leschorn, 1180 Farmers Loop Rd. , Fairbanks, AK. 99701.


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