SOLD – Randall Knife Model # 1 – 8″ fingered Ivory, Heiser sheath

Randall Model # 1 – 8″ Ivory, finger grips and Heiser sheath  – SOLD

I have another fantastic Randall Model # 1 for sale that has some very collectable features. The carbon steel blade measures 8″ in length and a very wide 1 1/4″ in width. The knife has the original owner’s name etched on the blade ( JOHN L. FULLER ). The blade has been sharpened with sharpening scratches on both sides and only one minor carbon spot which is normal with a vintage blade. The knife is fitted with a double nickel silver hilt which was/is still an option today. The handle has seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The handle is made from ivory which has optional finger grips and a duralumin butt cap which was an option as well. The butt cap has a stainless nut to finish off the handle. The ivory does have two inclusions which is typical of exotic material. The knife comes with an excellent Heiser sheath that is stamped on the rear with the Heiser logo and 1 – 8. The stitching is tight and the snaps function perfectly. The sheath houses a Norton combination “boxed” stone. If Your looking to add a very rare and collectable Randall Knife to Your fighting knife collection this is a great piece, as vintage Ivory Fighters are few and far between. Thanks for Viewing, Steve Zimmerman..


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