SOLD – Randall Knife Model # 1 – 8″, made in 1944

SOLD – I have for sale a very early Randall Model # 1 that was made around 1944 and extremely well taken care of. The knife has a carbon steel blade that measures 7 3/4″ in length. The original Randall grind and finish is extremely strong with only light sharpening and sheath insertion scratches. There is no evidence of pitting and only a couple extremely minor carbon spots. The knife is fitted with a bronze/brass hilt which has five thick spacers separating it from the handle. The handle is made from stacked leather which is tight to the knife. To finish off the handle there’s three thick spacers and a duralumin butt cap with wrist thong. There’s a brass nut and washer  securing the cap to the tang of the knife. The knife comes with an excellent Heiser sheath which is riveted at the throat and stamped on the front with the Heiser logo and 8. All the snaps function properly, rivets are intact and the stitching is tight. The keeper strap has some surface cracking on the leather which is typical of a sheath that was made 72 years ago. The sheath houses a Norton Abrasives Soft Arkansas stone. The stone is correct for this period and very seldom seen as they are lost over the years.

If Your looking to add a WWII Randall Model # 1 to Your collection that has a complete sheath, stone and condition to go along with it, here it is. Thanks for looking. Steve Zimmerman


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