SOLD – Randall Made Knives – Pinned carving set, DOUBLE HILT !


SOLD – I have for sale a very unique carving set that was made around the late 40’s early 50’s. The set is in excellent condition with very faint sharpening scratches and a couple carbon spots on the knife only. The original Randall forging marks are visible as well as the grind lines. The carbon steel blade measures 9 1/8″ in length and has the original owner’s name factory etched on the blade. Henry H. Windsor, JR. , His family owned and published Popular Mechanics magazine. I did a brief search on Wikipedia and found the Henry was born in 1898 and died 1965. The carving knife was ordered with a double nickel silver hilt which makes this knife look more like a Fighting knife than a carver. There’s seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The handle is made from stag which is pinned in place by a brass pin. The stag is in excellent condition and without flaws. The knife comes with a matching fork which has a single nickel silver hilt. This is another unique feature, the fork typically has a reduced hilt. There are 8 spacers separating the hilt from the handle, there’s an extra white spacer that can be seen in the pictures. The stag on the fork is also in excellent condition and is flawless. If Your collecting vintage Randall Knives this is a great addition to a collection. Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.


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