SOLD – Randall Model #2-5″double “SS”, JRB brown button sheath – RARE

I have available a very collectable Randall Model # 2 that was made around 1963 -1964. The stainless blade measures 5 3/16″ in length, has been sharpened and has a strong Randall logo stamp. The rare feature about this knife is the way Randall marked the blade with two stacked S’s to recognize the blade as stainless. The S’s are etched on the ricasso, this method of marking the blades was very short lived and was soon changed to the single “S” that we see today. The handle is fitted with a double brass hilt and red, white and blue spacers. The blue spacers almost appear to be black in color. The stacked leather handle is concaved shaped and finished off with three spacers at the butt end and a duralumin butt cap. The knife comes with a Johnson brown button sheath which is stamped on the rear with the Randall logo.

If You’re a collector of rare Randall Knives this is a great find ! Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.

Knife – CD #13


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