SOLD – Randall Model # 1 – 8″, pinned ivory, excellent Heiser sheath

Randall Model # 1 – 8″, pinned ivory, Heiser sheath

SOLD – I have for sale a very early 50’s Randall Model # 1 with some great features. The knife and sheath are in excellent condition for their age. The carbon steel blade measures 7 3/4″ in length and retains the original Randall grind and finish. The blade is etched with the original owner’s name (CHARLES E. BOSTWICK). There are a couple of extremely faint carbon spots that are almost too small to even mention. The knife is fitted with a brass double hilt which has a great patina. The handle has a 7 spacer stack separating the hilt from the handle which highly accents the ivory handle. The handle is in excellent condition and has aged nicely thru the years. The handle is pinned which was done for a brief period from roughly 1945 -1957. The handle has a couple checks in the ivory which is quite common with this type of exotic material. The Heiser sheath is in fantastic condition with tight stitching, perfectly functioning snaps, “corn rows” on the rear and a smaller than typical stone pouch. The pouch houses a Norton combination “boxed” stone that fits in the pouch perfectly. If Your looking for a vintage Randall with extreme condition and put together with rare options this is it, thanks for viewing. Steve Zimmerman


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