SOLD – Randall Model # 11 – early 70’s, rare riveted sheath !

SOLD –  I have a fantastic looking Randall Model # 11 for sale that was ordered with great looking options. The knife was made in the early 70’s and put away. The knife has a 4 1/2″ carbon steel blade which retains the original Randall grind, finish and very strong Randall blade stamp. The knife was fitted with a single brass hilt which has seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The handle is made from black micarta and has a bras butt cap with wrist thong to finish it off. Here’s the ” icing on the cake “, the Johnson smooth back sheath was special ordered with rivets ! The sheath is in excellent condition and comes with the original gold paracords. The sheath houses a mint Norton SP-13 stone which is correct for this period.

This combination of knife and sheath has it all. A well optioned knife and an extremely rare sheath !

Thanks for viewing. Steve Zimmerman



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