Randall Knife Model # 2 – 7″, pinned stag with right hand finger grips – extremely rare !


SOLD – I have a very collectible Randall Model # 2 for sale. The 6 7/8″ carbon steel blade has been sharpened and comes with the original owner’s name factory etched on the blade ( LAWRENCE M. DAVIS ). The Randall logo that is stamped on the ricasso is small in size. The knife is fitted with a double nickel silver hilt which is an option, first offered in ’48. The handle has a stack of seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The handle is a piece of red stag that is fitted with right hand finger grips. The stag is flawless and without the typical age cracks seen in knives from this period. The stag is also pinned in place with a single nickel silver pin, the nickel silver pin was an option up to ’52. The knife comes with in a Heiser sheath that’s in great condition for it’s age. The sheath has the typical wide stone pocket which helps date the knife to the early ’50’s. The rear of the sheath is stamped with a rather unique Heiser logo and a Union Made stamp. When I purchased the knife there was a broken White Washita Stone in the stone pouch.

These early Model 2’s with finger grips are almost impossible to find. I was thinking back over the last 15 years and could only remember seeing four model # 2’s with finger grips ! If Your looking to add a very rare early Model 2 to Your collection this is the knife ! I’m dating the knife around 1950 – 1952 based on all the information listed above.

Thanks for viewing

Steve Zimmerman


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