Sold – Randall Model # 1 -7″, JRB Brown button sheath – IVORY – added 3/9/18

  • Randall Model # 1
  • Condition of the knife and sheath is excellent/unused.
  • Made – Early 60’s.
  • Blade – 7″ carbon steel, original Randall grind and finish, slight sheath insertion scratches that are extremely faint. The blade is etched – DE OPPRESSO LIBRE. I personally don’t think Randall did the etching, it was professionally done just not as deep as You would see Randall’s work.
  • Hilt – Nickel silver.
  • Handle – Seven spacers with an Ivory handle. The handle has cracked from the top to bottom on one side. To Finnish off the knife there’s a duralumin butt cap which is drilled for a wrist thong.
  • Sheath – Johnson brown button Model “A”.
  • Stone – Blue print combination crystolon which is period for this knife and sheath.
  • Options – Nickel hilt, ivory, butt cap and drilled for a for a wrist thong.


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