SOLD – Randall Model # 1 – 8″ early 50’s, U.S.M.C. etched on blade – SOLD

  • Randall Model #1
  • Made – Early 50’s.
  • Condition – The knife has been carried and sharpened. Great overall condition for it’s age.
  • Blade – 8″ carbon steel. The blade is etched with the original owner’s name. LIONEL B. WATKINS, 1300212, U.S.M.C.
  • Hilt – Double brass with great patina.
  • Handle – Five thick spacers at the hilt, Ebony handle with three thick spacers at the butt end. The knife is fitted with a duralumin butt cap which is drilled for a wrist thong. The handle is short 4 1/4″ from the start of the hilt to the end of the cap .
  • Sheath – Was made by Heiser and is factory dyed black. The sheath is in great condition with a minor cut on the inside of the keeper strap. This can be seen in the pictures, the cut doesn’t go thru the leather. The sheath has metal black glove snaps that are in great condition.
  • Stone – Salmon colored fish hook stone. This is correct for the period.
  • This is a very unique fighter with the options selected. Ebony was first offered in the Randall catalog in 1954, this isn’t the typical handle material that is normally seen.
  • Thanks for viewing !
  • Steve Zimmerman.


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