SOLD – Randall Made Knives – Commando – made 1943 – RARE – SOLD

Here’s a great Randall Knife that few have seen. I recently purchased the knife and wanted to share some pictures. The knife appears to have been purchased and put away. The upswept blade measures 6 3/4″ in length and the upper clip is sharpened roughly 3 3/4″ back from the tip. The previous owner’s name is expertly etched on the blade – O.C.WILSON. The stacked leather handle is “short” compared to today’s handle found on a Randall Fighting knife. The duralumin butt cap has a rather large brass washer and brass retaining nut. The left handed sheath was made by Heiser and is in excellent condition.

I only know of 6 of these knives in existance and wanted to share some pictures for those who appreciate Bo Randall’s early work.


Thanks for viewing !

Steve Zimmerman


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