SOLD – Vintage Randall Model # 21 with Provenance !

  • Randall Model # 21.
  • Made – Late 60’s.
  • Condition – Excellent.
  • Blade – 3 1/4″ carbon steel. Etched Randall logo, original satin grind and finish on the blade. There’s thumb notches on the top of the blade spine.
  • Hilt – Old style reduced hilt made from brass.
  • Handle – There’s a stack of seven spacers separating the hilt from the handle. Randall Made Knives stopped using a seven spacer arrangement on non-leather handled knives around 1972-1973. They then went to a five spacer stack on all knives made. The stag handle is in excellent condition and is flawless.
  • Sheath – Johnson rough back. The rear of the sheath has the original owner’s name written in black ink – T.L.Bish.
  • History – I purchased this knife back in 2012 off Ebay. I had to have the knife because it was the earliest Model 21 I have ever seen with a seven spacer arrangement and the stag was awesome. When the knife arrived I found that it had a name on the rear of the sheath, I went into the Gaddis book and found some information on Tommy on page # 232. I also had in my possession the 18th printing of Randall ‘s catalog (1968)  with the notice still stapled on the front and a reprint of an article that Tommy published in 1967. The knife for sale is the same knife photographed on the front page of the article. I have to say this a great grouping of Randall history and would make for a fantastic addition to any collection.

Thanks for viewing !

Steve Zimmerman


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