Sold -Vintage Randall Knife Model # 2-8″, pinned Ivory, Heiser sheath

  • Randall Made Knives
  • Model # 2
  • Made – early 50’s
  • Condition – purchased and put away, unused
  • Blade – 8″ carbon steel blade, original owner’s name is etched on the blade – JOSEPH A. DUDZIK, JR., 02 298 724, small carbon spots on the blade on both sides, I did not want to mess with them.
  • Hilt – double brass
  • Handle – 7 spacers at the hilt, fantastic Ivory handle, Commando shaped with a single brass pin. There are no open cracks, only a single line in the ivory on the non-logo side of the blade/knife
  • Sheath – was made by Heiser and dyed black, the sheath has never housed a knife and is in near mint condition, wide stone pocket flap and great corn rows on the rear
  • Stone – correct Blue print Combination Crystolon, unused
  • Notes – I purchased 4 knives from an estate sale. All 4 knives were purchased by the original owner, oiled and stored in 2 floor safes from the 50’s untill recentlly removed. The oiling of the knives kept the knives in excellent condition and the handles safe. I have included some history of the original owner in one of the pictures in this listing.

Thanks for looking !

Steve Zimmerman

Knife – CD #27


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