SOLD – Vintage Randall Model # 1-8″ + # 2-8″ brown micarta pair – SOLD

  • Models # 1 and # 2
  • Made – mid to late 60’s
  • Blades – 8″ carbon steel with the original Randall grind and finish
  • Hilt – double lugged brass hilts on both knives
  • Handle – seven spacers at the hilts, brown miacrta handle with a duralumin butt cap that is drilled for a wrist thong to finish off both knives
  • Sheaths – Both came in Johnson no hone Model “B” style roughback sheaths, rare option
  • Condition – both knives are in excellent condition some light carbon spots on both blades
  • Collector interest – it is very difficult to find a matched set from the mid 60’s that has maintained the condition that these knives have and the rarity of the options that were installed. Brown micarta was used on Randall Knives for a brief period which makes this set quite rare.



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