SOLD – Vintage Randall Hunter made around 1945 -1946, whitetail crown, chromed and authenticated.

I have for sale a very early Randall Hunter with early Scagel influence. The knife was ordered with some great looking and very difficult to find options. The knife was ordered with a 6″ carbon steel blade that was also chromed. The blade has been sharpened which removed the chrome in some areas on both sides of the blade. The blade does have some carbon spotting or it was forging flaws on the non logo side of the blade. The handle is fitted with a small bronze colored hilt which has seven spacers separating it from the handle. The handle is made from a piece of whitetail crown stag which is pinned in place with a single brass pin. The handle is tight to the tang of the knife and is flawless. The knife comes with a Heiser left hand sheath that is in excellent condition. All the stitching is intact, the snaps work perfectly and the rivets at the throat are tight. The rear of the sheath is stamped with the Heiser logo and 6. The sheath houses a plain white stone which fits the pocket perfectly. There are two thin pieces of wood with a coating on one side that is inserted into the sheath to protect the leather from the knife edge. They can be seen in the pictures, I haven’t tried to pull them out and opted to leave them inserted. This could be the reason the sheath is in excellent condition for it’s age. While researching this knife I came by a post on the Randall Forum under This old Knife page # 21 showing this same knife. If You collect early Randall Knives You know the importance of this piece and how rare it is to find one that’s chromed and with whitetail crown.

I felt it was very important to take the time and send the knife down to Florida to have it authenticated by Joe Dorsky who is the current Randall Made Knives authenticator. The authentication is professionally done and laminated on both sides, this knife is the second knife authenticated by Joe. If you have a special knife that needs to be authenticated contact Joe to discuss the details prior to shipping. You can contact Joe from His website Thanks for viewing. Steve Zimmerman.


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