SOLD – Randall Knife Model # 7 made in 1945 – 1946, excellent condition

I have been very fortunate to be able to purchase some fine examples of Bo Randall’s early Hunters. This Model # 7 was made between 1945 – 1946 and has seen little use. The 4 1/2″ carbon steel blade retains the original Randall grind and finish. The blade has been sharpened with light sharpening scratches on both sides of the blade and a couple of minor carbon spots which are very faint. The knife is fitted with a single brass / bronze hilt which has five spacers separating the hilt from the handle. The stacked leather handle is tight to the knife and has three spacers at the butt end. The butt cap is made of duralumin which is peened to the tang of the knife. The knife comes with a Clarence Moore sheath that is in perfect condition. The sheath is extremely well made and flawless. The sheath houses a Lily White Washita stone that has been cut down to fit this smaller profile sheath.

If Your a collector of early Randall Knives You know these premium examples don’t surface very often. Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.


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