SOLD – Gerber Mark II – 1967 canted blade – wanted to by – 815-236-7323

wanted to buy – 815-236-7323

SOLD – I have for sale a Gerber Mark II that is in great condition for it’s age. The blade measures 6 3/4″ in length and has one very faint carbon spot on each side of the blade, almost impossible to locate. If the blade was ever cleaned they did a fantastic job. The Gerber logo is very deep and flawless and the serial # is in the same condition 001943 which makes this the 943rd Mark II made in 1967. The blade is canted. There’s some paint missing from the hilt on two edges (very minor). The Cat’s Tongue handle is in excellent condition with a small area on the front by the butt end missing finish. The butt end of the handle is missing a small area of black paint around the thong hole area. The sheath is in fantastic condition, almost in unused condition. The staples have some verdigris otherwise the sheath is in great shape. The sheath houses a Gerber steel which I believe is a newer replacement. Thanks for viewing, Steve Zimmerman.


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