SOLD – Randall Model # 14 – black micarta with one filled hole

  • Randall Model 14
  • Made – Late 60’s.
  • Condition – I think the knife was sent back at one time for a light cleaning, the blade stamp is very strong, it was struck hard enough You can see the impression on the other side, light carbon spotting on the spine of the knife. The handle has some scuffs on all sides. The sheath is in fantastic condition, almost new in appearance.
  • Blade – 7-1/2″ carbon steel.
  • Hilt – Double brass with great patina.
  • Handle – Black micarta with one filled hole. Randall Made knives used one bolt to attach the handle to the tang of the knife for roughly 2 years. The bolt was then covered over with micarta dust mixed with epoxy.
  • Sheath – Johnson roughback model “C” style with original leg ties.
  • Stone – Correct period yellow print Combination Crystolon.


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